cartmi is your checkout specialist. We are delighted to have a growing and enthusiastic userbase. When partnering with us you allow our users to buy in your shop with a 1click checkout, too. Thus, a partnership with cartmi will help you to increase your sales.

Become a partner of cartmi and make use of the following offers we designed for you:

Additional sales with a higher conversionrate

cartmi guarantees a 20% higher conversion rate with our optimized checkout, otherwise our service is free of charge for you.

Optimized checkout for smartphones and tablets

The cartmi technology offers a completely new way to buy products on the smartphone and on the tablet. Use cartmi to offer a mobile check-out without the need to optimize your onlineshop.

Leadgeneration with highly targeted cross-selling

cartmi combines both the neccessary information and the ideal partnernetwork to make cross-selling more relevant for your customers and therefore more successful for you.

Professional data analysis

Certainly you will not loose any data when a customer uses the cartmi checkout. At the least, we will provide you all the customer data that is being requested in your checkout. Moreover, we offer the possibilitly to receive professional data analysis from cartmi.

Super simple technical integration

The cartmi checkout does not require a technical integration into your shop. All we need is an API from you to get product data and send you the orders. We will work together to secure this is done in no time.