The story behind cartmi

We from cartmi share the same vision: we want to make online shopping easy!

In the offline world it is fun to look around in different shops, discover new stores, and then buy just where the best product can be found. Then we return home with a great variation of different bags from different shops. In the online world we often go to the same shops, simply because it is easier, we do not have to register over and over again, and we know that our products will be delivered. But in reality, we do not always want to go to the same shops. We like variety, we like shopping the best product at the best price, and we like to get individual products, maybe even recommended ones.

Online shopping is supposed to be easier in any shop: no more efforts in typing shipping details, no accumulation of different profiles and log-ins, no hidden costs, no uncertainty for payments. We want to change this. And therefore, we currently work on one unified and personalized shopping cart. We from cartmi are a young and motivated team and together we want to make the world a bit better. And easier!